For whom do we work

For those research institutes who (no longer) have a call center at their possession but need a regular or incidental basis call center capacity, Conclusr Datacollection Services can be of help.

We offer expertise, flexibility and quality of output when it handles about data collection by means of interviewing by phone. We can also support your business in the stage of data analyses. Our data processing department is specialized in SPSS data analyses and tabulation. By means of which you can quickly start with reporting the research results.


The Conclusr Datacollection Services are supplied towards (international-) research institutes, marketingservices organizations and social and economical consultancy firms. It also often occurs that, as an addition to online B2B research, activities done by phone is required because some of the research strata are not sufficiently filled within specific branches. Also in that case, we would like to be of help to your company.