Conclusr Datacollection Services offers callcenter services

At our location in Breda (The Netherlands), Conclusr exploits a highly sophisticated call center with 40 fully automated seats.

Conclusr employs over 50 enthusiastic call center agents with an average of 8 years working experience within Conclusr. Our agents are specialized in conducting Business to Business interviews with a diverse group of professionals working for commercial organizations, as well as not-for-profit institutions. Our call center agents are trained to get through a target company and to get in contact with the desired respondent to complete an interview. All data collected is real time monitored by our supervisors and project managers by using our NEBU call center software tooling.

This way we guarantee effectivity, efficiency and an optimal quality of generated research output.

Do you want to know more? Please contact us or call +31 (0)76 8005420. We would be glad to help you by advising you onto what actions we can execute with our call center and the goals we can achieve for your company.

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